Hi. Happy Chinese New Year. 

Here are our progress.

T0 molding parts dry running on 60mm/s
We had found some small issues on T0,  
there are some improvements have to be done on the T1 and T2.
We are trying our best to co-operating with the factories in mainland China. However, we just realized that the factories will have a month off during the Chinese New Year. 
We are still checking this would affect our shipping time or not.
We keep update the news to you if there are any new information. 
By the way, some backers for those we backed our T-shirt package haven’t fill their T-Shirt size survey yet. If we haven’t heard a further answer by the end of this month, we will assume that the size of their T-shirt is in L size. Sorry for the delay of the T-shirts.
Thanks on supporting us.

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