Emergency Update:

We are sorry that our CEO & Hardware Engineer, Parker, got admitted to hospital with heart problem at Thursday early morning. Luckily he is relatively stable now. But he probably has to stay in cardiac care room for a while.

As we are just a small startup, the sourcing part, production part, QC part and finance part are being handled by him, which is quite common that only the core people know the important things in startups, which makes a risk on the business if there is an accident on one person, just like our current situation.

Luckily Parker is in a stable situation. We are now trying our best to transfer his knowledge to us and trying to handle his tasks.
We guess we have to use at least one month to take over his jobs.

We already shipped 30 TinyBoy 2 to our initial supporters and part of our Early Bird Backers. If you haven’t received our shipping email, it means you are still in the waiting list.

We are sorry that we have to postpone our shipping time again for the Early Bird Backers in the waiting list. And we are also sorry we may have to postpone the June’s Backers shipping days.

From now on, all the assembly tutorial classes are canceled. We will send another email for the appointment once we sort out the problem.
However, our office is still open. We are welcome you come to our office to have a chat and exchange the knowledge of 3D printing.

We do apologies on the delay.

And we hope our CEO, Packer, could get well soon.

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