Thanks dTom on helping to sort out the BOM List.

This BOM List is licensed under GPL.


Tinyboy BOM:
Lasercut Acrylic x 1 (3mm) / 3mm thin wood board

bearing 603zz x 6
604uu (for extruder) x 1
bearing LM4UU x 12

Phillips Head M2.5 5mm x 10
Phillips Head M2 8mm x 6
Phillips Head M3 5mm x 16
Hex Screw M3 10mm x 15
Hex Screw M3_12mm x 17
Hex Screw M3 16mm x 5
Hex Screw M3 22mm x 4
Hex Screw M4 10mm x 2
Hex Screw M4 8mm x 4
M3180mm x 1
M3 nut x 17
M3 brass stud 6mm x 6
M3 washer 7
0.5 x 16
M3 washer 9*0.8( for belt bearing) x 6
M4 washer x 2

Rod 4mm 130mm x 2
Rod 4mm 140mm x 2
Rod 4mm180mm x 2

fastener 2.5mm x 22

stepper_28 x 3 (Max Current:0.5A) [SPEC]
stepper_42(For Extruder) x 1
pulley MXL 16T x 2
Coupling 3mm x 3mm x 1

Timing Belts MXL – 4mm x 1M (Y Axis 43cm, X Axis 47cm)

mega2560 ramps1.4 with 4 A4988 stepstick x 1
Micro switch (for endstop) x 3
Extruder (mk8) x 1
e3dv6 / J head (hotend) x 1
PTFE OD 4mm ID 2mm L 60cm x 1
12V 6A Transformer x 1

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