“Stress Testing” is over , what is next?

The 3 days roadshow of InnoTech Hong Kong is over. A set of Tinyboy 3D printer has been shown and print all the time during the event. The device survived after the show!

As the event is held in a shopping mall, a lots of kids are there. They tried to stop the moving of motor and mechanical parts , twist the PTFE tube . It still not really a big deal. Until we saw a kid move his hand toward the hotend – we was shouted.

Somehow we treat this as a stress testing to the design. And now , it is passed!

So what is next? Going to release?

well , there still has few minor issues and one critical problem waiting to solve.

Minor issues

  • Install a fan
  • Create a window on the frame for repair purpose
  • Replace the circuit board by MULZI

The big issue is about sourcing. The original design , we call it Tinyboy Rev-A , uses 28BYG serie motor with 20mm height. It is cheap and tiny. We are conformable with this motor. However, it is no longer available in China online shop. All are sold-out.

Unless we order 1k of motor from the factory but the lead time is 40 days.

Even we raise the fund , that cause another problem. Everyone has to purchase from us.

One of the design principle of Tinyboy is “small amount production”. People may make a cheap 3D printer by just order one set of material online. Keep the original design will beaks the rule as we have to hold an online shop. In fact , our development team do not have any commercial plan for the design. So probably we need to find a commercial partner.

Tinyboy Rev-B

Alternative approach is a new design using common model of motor. Now we are considering 28BYG 33mm height or 35BYG 28mm height. The draw back is the cost up and print size down. The benefit is on the sourcing , it is more easy to find. And you don’t need to care about the minimum volume of order.


Unless there has a better plan , we will focus on fixing those minor issues, then release the Tinyboy Rev-A design. The next will be the Tinyboy Rev-B.

Any advise would be most welcome.