7 Days Left and the ATOM Portable Power Outlet

Hi Backers,

First, we are very
grateful that you contributed to the Tinyboy 2 Campaign and there is
only 7 days to go. As we are writing, $24,412 has so far been raised,
which is amazing and we are so thankful. To meet the goal, we need
just another $5,588. Please share our projects with your friends and
encourage them to participate. The Indiegogo Campaign page can be
found at

The main
characteristics of Tinyboy 2 3D Printer are being small and portable,
but we did not provide a solution to the power. The obvious solution
will be by a traditional 12V lead battery, but you can also invest in
a more versatile solution. We met with another Indiegogo based in
Hong Kong as well last week, ATOM, and they provided a great
solution. ATOM is a portable power outlet. It has a 30,000mAh
portable battery with a built-in wall outlet and 2 USB ports. Imagine
being able to take the wall outlets from your homes anywhere you go –
portable electricity! It powers all your electronics up to 150W
including phones, laptops, monitors, speakers, strobe lights, the
Tinyboy 2, and thousands of devices anywhere you go. You can find the
ATOM Campaign at